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Superlife Membership/Registration Packages


We have four (4) different level of membership packages for you 





 To get started, there are  steps to get you started

  1. Purchase a  membership  Package
  2. Fill out the  membership  form
  3. Activate your account and wallet
  4. Make your product purchases and orders from your  membership  account at discounted rates.





We have four (4) different level of membership packages for you 




1. The Starter  Package : 65 US Dollars/90CAD and you get One(1) box of   SUPERLIFE  STC30 of 15 sachets  for your personal use for one(1) month. Starter is equivalent to 50points.









2.The Star  Package is  130 US Dollars/165.00 CAD and you get two(2) boxes of   SUPERLIFE  STC30 of 15 sachets each for your personal use for one(1) month. STAR is equivalent to 100points.










The Supreme  Package is   520 US Dollars/720.00 CAD and you get eight(8) boxes of   SUPERLIFE  STC30 of 15 sachets each for your personal use for four(4) months. SUPREME is equivalent to 400points.



4.The  Super Package  is 1,200 US Dollars/1700.00 CAD and you get twenty (20) boxes of   SUPERLIFE  STC30 of 15 sachets each for you(and your family use).   SUPER  is equivalent to 1,000points.

How to Become a Member

Having decided on the package to join with, follow these 4 Easy Steps to Join Superlife

1. CHOOSE Your preferred Entry Packages(Starter, Star, Supreme, Super)

2. Complete the above ONLINE REGISTRATION or submit your information to info@superliferewards.com

3. DEPOSIT your JOINING FEE (Initial Stock Amount) you can E-Transfer, use PayPal or request to use your credit or debit card. You can contat us via the chat or using  the contact us form.

4. Submit a copy of your proof of payment & Attach on the above forms, or email to info@superliferewards.com or WhatsApp or text to: +14372358176 or  +14163195939 

Note: We usually take upto 48 hours to complete the registration. once competed you will receive an email from out back office with information on how you can access your account. We will process your order and send products via Courier delivered to the address you provided with your application.

For assistance with the above, you can email us.

How to Get earn Bonuses in Superlife

There are 8 types of Bonus Payment Plan

SuperLife’s payment plan is unbeatable. Members are paid in diverse ways. What you need as a member to make huge sums of money is to share the SuperLife business to others to also become members.
To be a member, you are required to purchase a membership package of your choice. After which you will be entitled to 8 different income streams

1. Direct Sponsor Bonus

You will be paid instantly by enrolling other members into the business. The amount you are paid depends on your membership package and that of the person you enroll


2.Pairing Bonus

With our binary system of placement, whenever a member enrolls 2 people, he/she gets a third payment called PAIRING BONUS after been paid direct sponsor bonus for each person enrolled. This means you are paid 3 times for enrolling 2 people.


Pairing bonus is continuous. This means whenever new members are placed below you, both on the left and right side, you will be paid pairing bonuses. In the illustration, the member will be paid 14 times for direct sponsor bonus and 7 times pairing bonus.
NOTE: whether or not you are the enroller, you will still be paid pairing bonus as long as new members are placed below you. 

3.Roll up Bonus

This is a free amount you make just for choosing a higher package for your registration. Direct sponsor bonuses are rolled up to members on higher packages free of charge.


4.Key-in Bonus

When a new member is ready to join he/she will provide personal details for his/her registration. Whenever you enter the details of new members into the system you are paid accordingly. This is done by super members.


Other Payments

Other bonuses include unilevel bonus (Paid monthly), global pool bonus, gift incentives etc.

SuperLife welcomes you to join its members/entrepreneurs from many countries around the world, and make substantial and sustainable income.